How to Start a Home Based Perfume Business

Here is some helpful information to get you started, and you can find a lot more on the internet.

Perfumes must have an aromatic component which could be natural, such as a flower extract, extracts from various plant materials, or essential oils. Or it could be synthetic, as found in most of the more affordable perfumes on sale today.

Perfume fragrances need not be made from scratch. If you would like to start a home based perfume business, it is far easier to buy a fragrance from a perfumery supply company. There is a very wide variety available.

This fragrance base must be diluted to make it more usable. Undiluted, it will be difficult to apply, far too strong and may even irritate the skin. Therefore the fragrance must be diluted with an appropriate solvent. Dilution ratios of 10%- 20% fragrance (90%-80% solvent) are normally used. To make an oil based perfume, the perfume has to be diluted with an oil which has no fragrance of it’s own. This is usually Jojoba oil. Oil based perfumes are not normally sprayed. They are dabbed or rolled on.

In most common types of perfume, the fragrance is diluted with a solvent which is mostly ethyl alcohol. This makes the perfume very easy to spray using an atomizer pump and the alcohol evaporates on the skin, leaving the fragrance behind. If you are starting a business, this solvent can be purchased from the perfumery supply company where you bought the fragrance. The solvent will normally have a few other ingredients apart from the alcohol to make it work better. After you have mixed the fragrance with the alcohol solvent, you must leave it for at least 48 hours or more before bottling. If there is a sediment, it can be strained in a coffee filter.

If you want to sell your perfume successfully, the packaging and appearance of the perfume bottles are just as important as the fragrance. Take your time choosing the bottles and designing the labelling. The quality of the atomizer pump is critical, in order that the user should not experience any difficulty. Most first time perfume packers use screw cap atomizers, but quickly find that some of the bottles leak, then they graduate to crimp pumps. Bottles and atomizer crimp pumps are available from many suppliers and can also be imported quite cheaply, although one should be careful of the quality. Stick to the FEA 15 mm neck finish for a start. It looks neat and is the most common size. The next difficulty is to find an affordable crimper which will produce a high quality crimp finish and seal the bottle properly.

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