Starting a Home-Based Jewelry Business

If you are creative, love to craft and make things, then this home-based business might just be what you need to earn some money while at home. It is a type of job that you can let your creative juices flow and make things that people want to wear. When making your jewelry do not stick with just one piece such as necklaces. Many ladies want jewelry pieces that go together like a necklace and earrings. You also need to make sure that you include all ages, including children because they love to look beautiful too. Market your home based business online on a website you have designed or go to craft shows.

The best craft shows to attend are the ones near a holiday, especially Christmas. Most craft shows are one day, on weekends, and usually start in September or October. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce, your local newspaper, or online for craft shows in your area. When you go to a craft show have someone go with you so you can browse the other venders and network to find other craft shows. One thing you should do before going to craft shows is to have business cards made so people can take one in case they want to order later. If they do purchase something at your booth make sure that you include a business card in with their purchase. If you are selling necklaces purchase several of displays so you can hang a necklace on the display to give the potential customer an idea of what it looks like. If you have a customer looking at a particular piece encourage them to try it on and have a nice hand mirror so they can see what it looks like on them.

When pricing your creations do not price too high or too low. You should figure how much the material costs and then double it, adding a few dollars to that price for your time making it. Get small price tags that you can tie onto your pieces. This is important to remember because many people do not like to ask how much something is. They would rather see it on the price tag. On your website you should also make sure that the price is listed with the jewelry piece. To increase your profits go online to find wholesale jewelry supplies to order your supplies in bulk. Since this is a business you will also need to apply for a sales tax exemption certificate from your local state office. Having a home based business creating jewelry is not only fun but profitable.

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